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M A N B R O S I A . C O M

manbrosia: /MAnˈbrōZH(ē)ə/
Noun-  The Raw, UNfiltered, Independent, incorrigible, unsanitized, Irreplaceable Essence of man



Manbrosia is My life's work.  to Give tools to every man to excel with the gifts and Demons given to him by his maker   -M.C. Lucas

The above Photograph "The Kiss of Life" won the 1968 Pulitzer prize and was shot when  J.D. Thompson had to give mouth-to-mouth to co-worker Randall G. Champion after he went unconscious following contact with a high voltage line (courtesy

This Image encapsulates the soul of

M A N B R O S I A... Men embracing service, in spite of imperfections and risk...,

and brotherhood towards other Men. 


Why the website?      Why the Brand?  Why all the effort?

As the developer of MANBROSIA I feel that if we can impact men in personal development, Confidence, and Relationships, we can change lives one at at time.  Changing men will change the world!

...But, come on...
Who are we kidding??
men are the worst at self care.  They cringe at the thought of therapy.  They are too busy -being too busy- to focus on personal development. 

I get it. I was that Guy.  Addict, Screw up, often emotionally absent as a husband and Father.  I could be Angry and a punk as a son and Brother. Tired of what felt like constant reminders from myself and others that I was not fulfilling my potential.  Good Therapy saved me.  But I went through a lot of Crappy Therapy to understand what Good therapy even was.   

Men are 93% of inmates, vast majority of violet criminals, have much higher rates of suicide, yet are diagnosed with depression and other struggles at at much lower rate than females. The list goes on but I think you get the point.

We Provide podcasts and personal development information at no cost and on our social media pages.

When you are ready, we provide therapy quality self education resources at Thrift 
store Prices.  If you are a man, or if you know a man who could benefit from Therapy but is hesitant to make the first step, This is the Bridge. Here is Safety, Discretion, Powerful information and tools.

Our $99 "3 session download" is 
currently priced at $49!!  Thats over $450 worth of Therapy tools for less than Dinner.  Go to the shop page and see the incredible online courses we have and check back because more are on the way.  

Support the cause. Share with Men who are important to you.  Follow the website www.MANBROSIA.COM Through Social Media for great information on relationship health and wellness and resources to be your authentic best.

If you would like in person one on one personal development consultations or sessions, you can find options at our non-profit sister company. 

Its time.
-Michael Charlie 


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